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Increase your Stiga hockey fun with the new ProPuck Catchers © (Patent Pending). These puck catchers allows the puck to slide down a chute to your finger tips for fast, easy retrieval. Our ProPuck Catchers have the advanced design that allows the pucks to slide to the back of the chute every time. The clear view allows you to see if there are pucks in the chute.

The ProPuck Catchers also help to reduce the amount of "in & outs+". The ProPuck Catchers and our ProDeflectors is a great combination to significantly reduce the "in & outs".

Our puck catchers also known as suplaks, snap into the underside of your game in less than 10 seconds. *The goal cups must be cut out of the Stiga game before installation. Click here to view puck the catcher installation instructions.

*Price is for two ProPuck Catchers which is considered one set. This will suit up one table hockey game*

ProPuck Catchers are designed for home use - tournament play is hard on all games a accessories *

Don't get spit out - get your ProPuck Catchers today for $12.95
Plus shipping and handling (Only to USA & Canada). Any orders made outside of US & Canada will not be shipped and you will be charged a return processing fee.
* Due to the fact that I must personally drive to the Post Office, fill out Customs Forms, and drop off the products, CANADIAN orders must be greater than $28.00 in products *
** TableHockeyPro is not responsible for lost shipped items. We try to provide shipping at a low cost and do not ship with tracking numbers or via signature confirmation. If you want items shipped with tracking numbers or signature confimation you must request it and pay the extra charge **.

Click below for USA orders Click below for Canadian order * Required for Shipments to Canada
  Canadian Customers - you must include your phone number for Customs Forms.

What's an "in & out"? According to the International Table Hockey Federation a puck must stay in the goal to be considered a point. An "in & out" is when the puck crosses the goal line and comes back out on to the playing surface. It is Not a goal.

* ProPuck Catchers are designed for home use and will last a long time. Tournament play is hard on all games & accessories. We do not guarantee ProPuck Catchers used in tournament play due to the abusive nature of some players. *