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Are you tired of having some of your best goals not count because those darn "in & outs". You work many hours on your game and to have a goal not count isn't fun.

Now you can minimize the amount of in & outs with our new TableHockeyPro Puck Deflectors© (Patent Pending).

These deflectors snap into your standard Stiga nets. No cutting of your nets required. They fit with or without the goal cups on the game. One set includes two deflectors for your Stiga nets.

Get these great puck deflectors today for $6.95.
Plus shipping and handling
* Due to the fact that I must personally drive to the Post Office, fill out Customs Forms, and drop off the products, CANADIAN orders must be greater than $25.00 in products (not including shipping cost)*

(You will not receive any products if you are from outside the U.S. International orders that are made without approval will be subject to a $2.50 Refund Service fee) ** TableHockeyPro is not responsible for lost shipped items. We try to provide shipping at a low cost and do not ship with tracking numbers or via signature confirmation. If you want items shipped with tracking numbers or signature confimation you must request it and pay the extra charge **

"Pontus Eriksson, commenting on the TableHockeyPro Deflectors said, "I think they are very good and I think we should use them in Europe too"

Pontus Eriksson, Sweden
(World ranked in the top 10)

"We played with your deflectors. Bravo. They stop at least 80% of the in and outs. The deflectors are KILLER!"

Tom Warren, Huntington Woods, MI
(Goal cups were NOT cut out when he used these deflectors.)


Here is a side view of the puck deflector...

Click here to view the deflector installation video